Release Notes


Released on 2024-06-19 - GitHub - PyPI

Paper version!

This version of the code was used in the paper introducing MOMAland.

What's Changed

  • Evaluation route choice + renaming references of "congestion" game to route_choice for consistency by @hiazmani in #58
  • Extend IG with reward modes, make terms uniform across IG and BPD by @rradules in #57

Full Changelog: 0.1.0...0.1.1


Released on 2024-05-03 - GitHub - PyPI

Intermediary version bringing a lot of new features :)

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.0.2...0.1.0

v0.0.2: Dummy release 2

Released on 2023-12-20 - GitHub - PyPI

Bump version to check Pypi

v0.0.1: Dummy release

Released on 2023-12-20 - GitHub - PyPI

Trying Pypi workflow.